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Almennt verð 74.990 ISK
Almennt verð Afsláttarverð 74.990 ISK
Tilboð Uppselt
Með VSK. Sendingarkostnaður reiknaður í greiðsluferli.

This 220V compressor is 2,5 kg. and plugs in to any wall outlet. Its size and durability make it ideal for salon or workstation use. The S-One is ideal for artists who airbrush extensively and is recommended for beauty and light to medium body work.

  • Built-in PSI regulator
  • Maximum range of PSI of all TEMPTU compressors at 40 PSI
  • Coil air hose included
  • Airbrush holder included

 ATH kemur ekki með airbrush byssu. 




How to Operate your S-One Compressor:
STEP 1: Connect one end of the air hose to the air outlet and the other end to your airbrush gun. To ensure air tight seals, it is recommended to use Plumbers Teflon Tape (sold seperately) on all threaded connections.

Extra fittings may be required for various airbrush brands, models.
STEP 2: Carefully plug the compressor into a standard wall outlet.

STEP 3: Turn the switch on. The compressor will run continuously until you shut it off.

STEP 4: When restarting the compressor during operation, always release the air pressure first and turn on again.

Proper Care Tips:

Work in a ventilated area.
The motor is thermally protected and automatically shuts off when it becomes overheated. If this occurs, turn the compressor off and wait for it to restart until after it cools.
Do not use any lubricant, which may damage the air compressor.
When you restart the compressor during operation, always release the air pressure first, then turn on.

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